High water cut conditions can occur in water and steam flood productions as well as in mature reservoirs. Measurement uncertainty of Net Oil using a 2-Phase separator increases exponentially at high water cuts (>85%).

2 vs. 3-phase Net Oil Uncertainty measurement
3-phase JR multiphase test separator

Enter 3-phase measurement

The Accuflow 3-Phase JR separation metering system addresses this issue of measurement uncertainty at high water cuts, by taking an additional step of separating water from oil. The Accuflow 3-Phase JR consists of an initial vertical pipe and a horizontal pipe section connected together as shown.

How It Works

Production fluid (oil, water, and gas) enters the vertical pipe tangentially, creating a cyclonic action in the pipe where the majority of the gas is separated and flows upward to the gas flow line above. The liquid then flows into a secondary vertical pipe section where free water is dropped out on the front side of a baffle plate. The baffle plate serves to prevent disturbance of the water/oil interface from the incoming fluid. On the backside of the baffle plate, the oil/water interface is monitored. Depending on the height of the interface, either the water leg will dump or the oil leg will dump.

For liquid measurement, a Coriolis meter is used to determine the flow rate and as well as a water cut meter in the oil leg to measure any remaining water in the emulsion. Gas is measured by typically either ultrasonic, vortex or Coriolis.


  • Simple and compact design
  • Entire system made of common steel pipes; no pressure vessels required
  • All components are commercially proven technologies
  • Very low pressure drop (<3psi)
  • Low liquid inventory and fast response


  • Low operating cost
  • Easy to transport, install & operate
  • Very low maintenance
  • Accurate Net Oil measurement for very high water cut production
  • Handles wide range of flow rates
  • Applicable for 0 to 100% water cut
  • Applicable for 0 to 100% gas fraction
  • Frequent well testing

Anticipated Accuracy

  • Liquid flow rate: 1% of reading
  • Gas flow rate: 5% of reading
  • Water cut in liquid: 2% absolute
3-phase JR multiphase test separator diagram


  • Footprint: 6´W x 8´L (typical)
  • Height: 12´
  • Liquid Rate: consult factory
  • Gas Rate: consult factory
  • ANSI rating: 150#, 300#, 600# and 900#