Multiphase Flow Test Separators by Accuflow

3-phase SR multiphase test separator

Accuflow is an oil & gas multiphase production flow measurement system manufacturer.

Our compact 2 and 3-phase separator systems are designed to provide real-time, continuous measurement of oil, water, and gas. 

How the Accuflow Separation System Works

Key Features

  • High accuracy because of separation, i.e. measuring liquid and gas separately
  • Uses the most accurate off-the-shelf flow measurement technology with high turndown ratios for the ultimate in accuracy and rangeability; no “black boxes”
  • Flow measurement and correction according to API MPMS standards
  • Piping fabrication: as ASME B31.3 Process Piping, optionally as ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessel

We custom-engineer every skid because every application is different.

Our Accuflow compact multi-phase separator skids are the most optimal solution available, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability while remaining cost-effective.

One-size-fits-all solutions aren’t ideal because they will either be undersized (risking measurement accuracy) or oversized (wasted capital).

Accuflow provides multiphase flow measurement systems worldwide.

We have compact multi-phase separator systems in North America (U.S.A., Mexico), South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina), Africa (Congo, Nigeria, Chad, D.R.C.), Asia (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Oman, Thailand, Vietnam), and Australia.

As a worldwide leader in flow measurement technology, Accuflow is committed to providing its customers with reliable and accurate well testing solutions as well as exceptional technical support and service.

3-phase JR multiphase test separator

Accuflow provides multiphase flow measurement systems worldwide