Do you have existing flow separators with any of the following issues, or would you like multiphase flow experts to verify the presence or absence of any of the following issues?

  • Bad/incorrect test results
  • Process issues: tight emulsion, entrained gas, foaming, etc.
  • Bad gross liquid flow measurement
  • Incorrect water cut/content measurement
  • Bad gas flow measurement
  • Sporadic process issues resulting in process upsets
  • Poor control or PID tuning
  • Bad instrument calibrations

Our multiphase flow experts can audit/evaluate your existing flow separators to answer questions such as these and more:

  • Design basis: is this separator adequately sized and appropriately designed for the application? What problems can arise as a result of the design? How can it be improved?
  • Flowmeter and instrumentation selection: are the flow meters and instruments on the separator the right kind, correctly sized, and appropriate for the application?
  • Calibration: are the flow meter(s), water cut meter(s), and instrumentation on my separator accurately calibrated? How often should they be calibrated?
  • Systems integration / SCADA: are the appropriate flow and instrument readings being collected, corrected, and used appropriately to produce meaningful results at standard conditions that can be universally compared to other points of measurement?
performance auditing