Do you have a special/custom project requiring flow measurement and/or control?

We can design and engineer piping skids with anything you need for any application. We have created various skids and projects with pumps, VFDs, control valves, regulators, etc. for a variety of different special applications. See some of our work below.

3-phase flow test loop for testing gas void fraction flow meter capability
A multi-phase flow test loop complete with flow meters, control valves, separator, pumps, VFDs, etc.

Several flow meter manufacturers have approached us about testing the ability of their flow meters to handle entrained gas, and we have designed and built various testing rigs, allowing them to compare against a reference separator and/or dial-in precise flow rates, water cuts, and gas void fractions for testing.

Solar-powered water injection controller
A solar-powered water injection controller
for secondary recovery

A local oil producer approached us about water injection control systems for secondary recovery waterflood wells. California’s DOGGR/CalGEM sets strict limits on injection pressure, and the producer was getting cited for going over the limits. We created pipe spools and a control panel in order to carefully monitor and control injection flow rates and pressure, which easily tied into their SCADA system via 900 MHz Ethernet radios.