Our compact multiphase flow test separator systems offer the best of both worlds when compared with traditional gas/liquid test separators and spool-style MPFMs. We have all the accuracy advantages stemming from separation but with smaller footprints and less cost than full-size traditional separators. Unlike most MPFMs, we never need or use any radioactive instrumentation.

Comparison to Traditional Separators


  • Smaller piping → economical

  • Continuous/real-time measurement

  • Small liquid volume → quick purges between wells → more tests

  • Uses latest flow meter technology with high turndown ratios → ultimate range

  • Quicker/efficient separation → less required retention time → smaller footprint

  • No/fewer control valves, flow meters with no moving parts, and designed for minimal pressure drop → less maintenance

Traditional Separators

  • Large pressure vessels → expensive

  • Batch measurement

  • Large liquid volume → long purges between wells → less tests

  • Often uses outdated flow meter technology with low turndown ratios → limited range

  • Inefficient separation (large distance for bubbles to rise) → large skids → more space needed

  • Backpressure regulator and liquid control valves → high pressure drop and maintenance

Comparison to Spool-type MPFMs


  • Uses off-the-shelf flow meters utilizing proven technology; all diagnostics are available

  • No radioactive sources

  • Flow and water cut meters calibrated from factory

  • Best opportunity to accurately measure since phases are separated

Spool-type MPFMs

  • “Black-box” / cross-correlations → Is it a curve fit? Is it really working right?

  • Often requires radioactive sources

  • Highly dependent on (accurate) calibration

  • Difficult to achieve good accuracy due to lack of separation, especially at high GVF