Custom-engineered Compact 2/3-phase Separator Skids

for real-time, continuous multiphase flow measurement

Our compact multiphase flow test separator systems offer the best of both worlds when compared with traditional gas/liquid test separators and spool-style MPFMs. We have all the accuracy advantages stemming from separation but with smaller footprints and less cost than full-size traditional separators. Unlike most MPFMs, we never need or use any radioactive instrumentation.

We have products to satisfy every application. We offer both ultra-compact and compact 2-phase test separators for typical applications. Autocalibration of water and oil can be added to enhance accuracy and save time. We also offer both ultra-compact and compact 3-phase test separators for high water cut situations or where extreme accuracy is needed.

Product Comparison Table

Phase separation 2-phase 3-phase 2-phase 3-phase
Water cut range Full (0 to 100%) High (>85%) Full (0 to 100%) High (>85%)
Liquid flow range Any <3000 BPD <2000 BPD <2000 BPD
Gas flow range Any Any Any Any
Features Optional auto calibration; Compact LT version for off-shore Increased accuracy for high water cut; Compact LT version for off-shore Optional auto calibration; small footprint; Great for gas wells Increased accuracy for high water cut; Small footprint
Mounting A,M A,M A,M A,M


A AWT, Skid mounted
M Mobile, truck or trailer mounted

How the Accuflow Separation System Works

Accuflow provides multiphase flow measurement systems worldwide